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SEPTEMBER 15, 2009
Joseph Mole relocated to Atlanta from Chicago in June 2008 to take advantage of a new opportunity with The Salvation Army, where he has worked for almost 8 years. As a licensed social worker in both Illinois and Georgia, Joseph has spent the better part of his career working on issues related to children and youth, most recently having developed a comprehensive child abuse prevention program for The Salvation Army in over half of the United States. Since his work deals with such heavy subject matter, Joseph considers his home his sanctuary and likes to create a warm space where he can entertain or just retreat.

"Moving from Chicago, I didn’t know what to expect from the housing search in Atlanta," says Joseph. "I had one weekend to look, but the moment I set foot in Studioplex, I knew this was where I wanted to purchase my first home." Joseph has spent his first year as a new homeowner transforming his loft into a cozy space, utilizing warm colors mixed with metal tones to contrast with the concrete pillars and ceilings. 

This summer, Joseph came across an artist whose work caught his attention at the Inman Park Festival. "I couldn’t believe it when I saw his work. It had a theme that really drew me in, and contained all of the colors I had used in decorating my space. It was perfect." Two paintings by Robert Griffis Rodenberger (www.originalrobertart.com) now hang in what is the bedroom section of Joseph’s loft, brightening the space and giving it even more depth.

Hanging above the front door is a stained glass window from an old church in New Jersey, which Joseph discovered at the Scott Antique Market. With a westward-facing  window, this beautiful stained glass piece is back-lit brightly in the afternoons and evenings and ties in perfectly with the color scheme of the space.

Above the wine bar in the kitchen area hangs the top of a hand-made ceramic table created by Joseph’s grandmother Laverna Mole in 1962. While it has been a treasured possession for years, this is the first opportunity he’s had to display it where people can truly appreciate it.

"Making this loft my own has been one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever undertaken." says Joseph.

When he’s home in Atlanta, you will find Joseph enjoying the community at Studioplex, working out at Condition Gym, or checking out the restaurant scene here in Atlanta. "The transition to this city has been a very smooth one, and I’m glad I found the perfect place to live and a space that I’ve always dreamed of owning."

May 01, 2009
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