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Studioplex Mural
MAY 1, 2009
Wilbur Fitzgerald is the one who takes the road not travelled. Veering away from a likely career following law school back in 1973, he decided to make a go of it as an actor. Dozens of movies and not as many years later, the Atlanta born Fitzgerald opens his “retreat” at Studioplex for a photo shoot.

“I collect interesting pieces and find a new life for them” says the man who has appeared in so many familiar shows, from In The Heat of the Night to Friday Night Lights to a recurring role on Prison Break. An old fluted column from New Orleans becomes a stand for halophane light, which is turned on by a massive factory rheostat, which he found in a flea market in Austin, Texas. A simple entry door is enhanced by medieval clavos, created to deflect the blows of axe men, to become a stunning visual display. The collected pieces artfully display a lifetime of collecting; inspirations found in faraway places. The poster with “Tropicana”, “Flamingo”, “Sahara” …the meaning becomes clearer: “That was the roll from a 1970's city bus in Las Vegas, you change the roll to show the new destination” according to Fitzgerald. What seems to be precisely arranged glass marbles set in a steel panel “was discarded by the New York Subway System from the 1900's, I just made a light box out of it.”

Fitzgerald uses the space as a retreat from a civilized bungalow in Garden Hills. “It’s my day getaway”, though he and his wife Dianna have used it to entertain guests with the ambient evening light. They’ve even used it as a hotel room for out of town guests.

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