Occasionally there are Studioplex Lofts available for rent. This page is a type of “blog” where owners may have a short post about their available loft, along with their contact information. As well, renters who are looking for space may post their needs and contact information. For your information to be posted, please send the following information to info@studioplexlofts.com.

For Owners who wish to rent their loft: not more than 60 words.
  • a short description of the loft
  • the rental rate
  • a name, telephone number, and/or email address
  • when the space will be available

For Tenants who are looking for a loft to rent: not more than 50 words

  • your budget and any minimums (e.g., must have two bedrooms)
  • when you can start a lease
  • your name, telephone number, and email address

This online forum is being provided as a courtesy to owners and renters by studioplexlofts.com.

Current listings for owners who wish to rent their loft:

There are currently no listings in this category

Current listings for prospective tenants wishing to rent a loft:

Desired Date Desired/Max Rate Size/Specs Required  
Aug 1, 2014 $1,000.00 - $1,300.00 Loft needed View Details
Oct 15, 2014 $1,300.00 - $1,600.00 Loft Needed View Details
Jul 21, 2014 $1,000.00 - $1,200.00 Loft Needed Now View Details
Oct 15, 2014 TBD - $1,550.00 2 BR-2 BA needed View Details

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